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EXCEL 2010 : Worksheet grey; worksheet names(bottom of screen: missing) WA


Running Windows 7 on Dell XPS 17 L702X laptop (shipped: 28th February 2012)

I have a financial type spread sheet containing more than 10 worksheets. I update the file 5 or 6 times per week, saving file each time ie …..fred10Jul16a…..fred10Sep16aI   I have been using this spreadsheet for over a year.….

When I open any of these files the worksheet names do not appear at bottom and the worksheet itself is grey (solid) when I expected to see my actual text.

This spreadsheet is also sent through internet explorer (11) to a colleague.

The problem also shows up on email : yahoo ; SENT ; DOWNLOAD (OPEN)


The NAME BOX contains a valid cell reference (F1) and changes to valid name of one of my worksheets when clicked by mouse

This problem appears to have started around 16th September 2016.

There were Windows Updates done on 14th September


If I go into 'info' I can 'print' which shows 'print preview' which is OK

I can also do 'find' which produces expected result

This grey problem occurs on ALL  the above named files (in one particular folder/library) ........ie fails on file produced in March

I have other different spreadsheets in other folders which appear not to be affected



The problem disappeared whenever I selected FULL SCREEN.


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