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Explorer 8

Has anyone had any experience with Explorer 8. It's advantages and problems. How does it compare to Chrome? Is Explorer 7 automatically updated to version 8 or must I download an update?


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Re: Explorer 8

IE 8 is still in beta so if you want to try it you will have to download it but my advise as others still see many issues with it, I would suggest strongly not to bother until it is at least in RC-1.


Chrome is mentioned on this forum as well and slower as reported then IE7 so if you are really interested in Beta software and messing up the system, go for it to try out, but I would not at this time Sherr

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Re: Explorer 8

From Microsoft:


This beta preview version of Internet Explore r8 is intended for Web developers and other Web professionals. It is not intended to be a functional product for Web surfers.

Internet Explorer 8 beta is intended to enable developers, web developers and IT pros to begin to test the new browser for compatibility with their applications and Web sites. End-user improvements include two new features: Activities and Web Slices. Activities are contextual services that allow easy access to Internet services from any Web page. WebSlices is a new feature for Web sites to connect to their users by subscribing to content directly within a Web page. WebSlices behave just like feeds where clients can subscribe to get updates and notify the user of changes.

Beta 2 is the second public pre-release of Internet Explorer 8 and adds Accelerators--which let you complete your everyday browsing activities more quickly and discover new services; InPrivate Browsing, search suggestions, and other new features.  Take SR45's advice


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Re: Explorer 8

I tried IE8 beta about half a year ago, it would not let me uninstall as I had service pack 3 beta, then I had to do a system restore and then the system ran slow so had to do a full reformat.


So I would not advise as of this moment.

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