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I've a Dell Inspiron 1545 that is freezing after 3 minutes. It's at the point where I can't uninstall my antivirus (Kaspersky) which is unable to update successfuly due to the 3 minute freeze and is acting up. I've tried system restore, including safe mode, and every other available solution without success and I'm ready to perform a factory reinstall. What are the implications of reformatting the hard drive in this way? I've saved all essential documents but do I need to be wary of having to reinstall drivers? There seems to be a corrupt file somewhere in in the OS (according to a safe mode diagnostic cneck that I carried out) which can't be fixed by Windows Vista. My guess is that it's a virus. If it's relevant, I downloaded Ofifce 2007 (legally) from the MS website 2 weeks ago and whilst it's probably a coincidence, the freezing started 2 days ago- the computer is just 6 months old and has been working perfectly until now.

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Re: Factory reinstall

Remember the day you got your computer and you fired it up for the first time? That is what will happen when you do a factory restore. you will reformat the drive to the exact same state it was in the first time you fired it up. You will lose all programs and data that you have installed. Including the Office software unless you have backed it up.

To do a factory restore see HERE

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Re: Factory reinstall



Just one other thing, quote “I downloaded Ofifce 2007….” 


Not sure if it was a “trial” version or if you purchased Office 2007?

If purchased & used download delivery method, you had better know/have a record of Product key

Otherwise as already mentioned by Davet50, you will lose everything installed after purchase date, includes any software Product key registration data


You should also be able to initiate Factory Restore image just using the F8 key as described here

If not available from F8 key menu then use Vista DVD method as explained in link from Davet50


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