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Fatal Error Message

After a normal shutdown earlier today, I came back from the store and turned on the computer. I got BSOD Stop Fatal Error that inidcated the computer was not able to start. The numbers at the bottom were all zeros except for 0X00010568. No way to escape so had to do a power button shutdown. This did not shut the computer down, but brought up the a beige screen asking if I wanted the computer to look for the problem and fix it. The system suggested a System Restore which seems to taken care of the problem.

The computer seems to be functioning well. This is an XPS-420 running Vista and IE9. Does anyone have an idea what this particular error message was about.

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Dell-Kuldeep M
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RE: Fatal Error Message

Hi dalem29,

I am unable to find any information on the error code 0X00010568.

The error may be caused due to a program that stops responding due to an error or a corrupt file.

You may run the diagnostics to check the hardware functionality of the system. The steps are:

  • Shut down and restart the computer.
  • Press the F12 key immediately when the Dell logo appears. The Boot Device list appears.
  • Select Diagnostics and press the Enter key.

Please feel free to reply for any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards
Kuldeep M
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