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File sharing

Are there any peer to peer music download sites left? If so, are they safe? Thanks.
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Re: File sharing

I'm pretty sure there are but what kind of music are you talking about. It is possible to download free legal music with p2p and over the internet but if you are thinking of downloading illegal music then places like this are not the place to ask as it is illegal.

Just thought I'd let you know as some people still post things for illegal downloads on legit sites and don't realize it.

Also I don't think any p2p program is truly safe, especially when it's illegal items. You never know what you could be downloading and even if you are downloading the right item that doesn't mean it isn't infected with something. I've quit downloading and using p2p software so I can't help you much with what to get just thought i'd say what i had to say.
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Re: File sharing

Please note: 

As previously stated.  P2P networking is extremely dangerous to the security and stability of your PC.  In effect, you share a folder over the internet.  With very little fiddling, a hacker can easily obtain access to your entire hard drive, including bankcard passwords, SSN, and other personal information.  What you save in having a nice music library may end up costing you a fortune in identity theft.  You can download Legit music at very reasonable prices from sites such as Microsoft Media, Sony, etc.


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