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Forgotten password

I have forgotten my password to get into my computer, I'm the administrator, and the only user account setup.  I do not have a reset disk any solution?
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Denny Denham
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Re: Forgotten password


Boot to Safe Mode. At the Welcome screen press Ctrl-Alt-Delete twice. On the sign-in screen enter Administrator as the user name and leave the password blank. If you are able to log on you can go to Start|Control Panel|User Accounts and reset your administrator account password. If you are unable to log on you can reset the system administrator password to blank with the procedures here.

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Re: Forgotten password

Denny D.

    I forgot my admin password to log on to our PC, went to Dell Comm. Forum, did a search and got the answer I needed (again).  Imagine, the answer was in one of your posts!!
  Dell  SHOULD have you on their payroll, in addition to the virgins promised you if you die at the keyboard!!
  Again, thanks a lot!  I don't think I've ever had a problem you couldn't solve.
  Hope you have a great Fourth of July and a fantastic summer!!
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