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Format Drive

Hello all,

mt PC started messing about two nights ago telling me that it had to repair my drive. So rather than going into Windows it stayed in the DOS and went through my drive telling me that it repaired errors.

Since then my PC plays up. Plug and Play does not work and I cannot turn it on in the service option.

When I press the windows button on my Keyboard, or go into the start menu, then it takes about 1 min to open up the start menu. In this time the whole system is idle!  It works a treat though when the Task manager is open. The print spooler won't start either.

Other than that the PC runs ok.


I then ran AdAware and AVG in safe mode but nothing cam out of that. AVG just kept on writing locked file - which is normal in safe mode.


So I thought of installing SP1, but I may well be too stupid to do it. And seeing as I do have a lot of rubbish on my PC I thought I go to the extreme and format my main drive.

However, I am not sure if I have a winbws CD/DVD. Looked through all my stuff and can't find it, and I seem to remember that I didn't get one and found it wierd at the time, but ignored it.

What can I do to format my drive. Should I have a CD? I am running Vista Home Premium.


Thanks guys

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Re: Format Drive

Well yes you will need a disk either way. the factory restore option will still require you to have a disk. You could borrow one to try and do either a repair or trash the whole thing with a factory restore.

Here are a couple of links to help provide more info


Backup Disk Request


Factory Restore Vista

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