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From HDD to SSD - W8 OS clear installation

I'n going to buy a new SSD for my Inspiron 15-7537 and want to make a clear installation of my W8 OS on the new storage. My laptop came with W8 OS pre installed and I don't know if there is some product key - and where to find it. I do not own any re-installation DVD or similar too. Is it possible to make a clear installation of the OS on the new SSD?

How can I make a bootable USB drive to start the installation? On my laptop there is no optical disc drive so I can only use a bootable USB drive. And -most important- where do I find the product key of my W8 copy?

thanks a lot

Sorry for my imperfect english

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RE: From HDD to SSD - W8 OS clear installation

First ensure your UEFI BIOS is updated to the latest version A13:



Next right click your start button and select System. Check your Windows 8.1 Edition.

After you know your Windows 8.1 Edition then you have the choice of Downloading Windows 10 TH2 installation media and clean installing (recommended) or downloading windows 8.1 with update 1 installation media and clean installing.

Follow these guides which instruct on making the Bootable USB and clean installing:





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RE: From HDD to SSD - W8 OS clear installation

Thanks a lot

but...this guide is for 8.1

Shortly, to make it work for me, I should upgrade my W8 to 8.1, then check which version of W8.1 is installed and download the correct .iso. So I install W8.1 using a generic product key and then activate it using my activation key. Is it correct? Or maybe I did not undestand

I've read that softwares supposed to find out keys only show the generic product key used to install Windows by retailer and they won't work for the activation..


I read the guide again. Now it's clearer, I will try this way when my SSD arrives, and will post the results.


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