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Getting ready for Windows7 & would anybody mind answering?


One may just simply say that it is a personnal choice but I would very much value your experience based suggestion:

Now we in Europe are getting the Windows7 Ultimate & Business without a Browser or media player.

Most took it for granted in the past when MS OS was installed it will have the IE and the WMP.

Now with this new windows7 we are expected to download an internet browser & Media player ready on a cd prior to commence our ventur of the clean install of the newly realeased windows7 OS.

Would sombody mind telling the best or rather better option of an Internet Browser [Safari, IE8, Firefox, ect]   & a good Media Player[WMP, iTune&Quicktime, Real Player ect] that will less likely to cause conflict,problem or clatter the newly installed OS.

Just as example the following I presume are basic requirements for many:

Use of the you tube and music transfers to ipod touch & gudgets and  transfer or copy misic to cd to play it in a car. Also watch the BBCiplayer or likewise source. It would be an additional benifit if the media player will allow to copy the "you tube clips" to a external storage device.

I am like many who uses this forum are with either basic or no knowledge with computers and very much depend on your input in get our computer going. I in advance thank you for all your advice suggestion and help.  It is very much appreciated.



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Re: Getting ready for Windows7 & would anybody mind answering?

The choice of which browser is "better" or which media player is "better" can be debated for a long time.  Those that like, for example Firefox browser will tell you it is best, those that are happy with Internet Explorer 8 will tell you it's best, etc.  It's a personal choice.  I have Windows 7 RC1 installed and as I'm in the US, it has Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player installed as part of Windows 7 and everything is working as it should.  I also have iTunes installed as I have an iPod and that too is working without problems. 

Another issue is that Windows 7 (even in the US) will not come with an e-mail program and you will have to install an e-mail program too.  I have MS Office 2003 and I'm using Outlook 2003 which is part of Office 2003 and it works without problems in Windows 7.



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