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HELP! Need to retore a file which I 'shift delete'-ed

Please, please help! I wasn't concentrating and lost a really important file. I tried a system restore but it didn't show up. It's still named when I do a search, but I can't open it or work out how to restore it. I'm not very technical and am currently having a SERIOUS panic. Please help!!! Thanks, Annie.
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Re: HELP! Need to retore a file which I 'shift delete'-ed

System Restore is only for system files and software. It does nothing for personal files. You need to stop doing anything that writes to the hard drive until you recover the file, if that's still possible. The more you do, the more chances the system will overwrite the deleted file.

Go here and download free Restoration 2.5.14. If you have a floppy drive, save the download directly onto floppy disk. If you don't have a floppy drive, perhaps you can download Restoration on someone else's PC and burn it to CD or possibly download it onto on a USB memory stick. Avoid saving the download to your hard drive, because you increase chances your file will be overwritten. Restoration will run from a floppy disk and does not have to be installed into Windows, so I presume it will work from CD or USB memory drive too.

Launch Restoration and click button to scan for deleted files. If your file is listed, highlight it and click "restore by copying". If possible, save the recovered file on a floppy drive or USB memory stick with a new name.

If Restoration fails to recover the file, you can try other recovery apps such as FreeUndelete from But most of the others have to run from your hard drive and increases the chances you'll lose the file.

Good luck!

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Re: HELP! Need to retore a file which I 'shift delete'-ed

Look in the Recycler (not the same as the Recycle Bin)
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