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How to activate MS Office 365 after trial version expires?

Hello there, 3 months ago I bought a brand new DELL Inspiron G3 15-3579. Up until that day I only had one computer which had been bought over 4 years ago with already preinstalled MS 2010 and I didn’t need an activation/product key for me to access full version - thus I wasn’t aware such a thing is even needed in the first place. Now, I bought this new Dell with MS Office 365 preinstalled, which was quite different compared to MS 2010 I was used to. However, due to my lack of knowledge about the need to activate the Office for it to become full version using the so called "product key" which I’ve honestly never heard about, I carried on using the Office until one day the trial version simply expired and now the Office demands me to either input the product key or purchase the license. It doesn’t allow me to edit or work with my documents in any way but viewing them. My question is whether there’s a way for me to recover the product key, which based on other discussions should be part of the computer already, and re-activate the MS Office? I’ve searched the internet for the solution, but nothing worked (I wasn’t successful in finding the product key using any method recommended) and I’m not so keen in computers neither, so I have no idea what to do now. I’m a student, so this is quite a big issue for me, so I’ll be thankful for any advice or solution to my situation
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