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How to transfer Excel files on a floppy disk to a cd?


Good morning ,
I have a new Dell Inspiron  Laptop with OS Windows Vista Premium. I do not have a floppy disk drive with the laptop. My Xmas list is on an Excel floppy which I use with my old desktop that has OS Windows ME. I need to transfer the Xmas file on the floppy disk to a CD. Then I can use the CD with my new Laptop to make Xmas labels,
keep the file updated, etc. I have priced external floppy disks and they run anywhere from $30 to $50 depending on which brand name you want to buy. I feel I cannot justify that kind of money for just one floppy data transfer.
Can you suggest how I can transfer the Xmas files on the Excel floppy to a cd?
Thank you


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Re: How to transfer Excel files on a floppy disk to a cd?

If the file is less than about 5 MB in size I would think the most expedient thing to do is attach it to an e-mail and mail it to yourself.  Next would be to try a Files and Settings transfer wizard, but that requires at least a USB connection between the computers.  You may already have a USB cable that would be satisfactory.  I've never used that approach so you would need to become familiar with it, and unless Vista has changed things a lot, you will need to use a CD you make with Vista to get the transfer program on the old computer.  It may also be possible to use a USB memory stick, but this may require you to purchase something.  Most of the new memory sticks are not compatible with the Windows 9X series operating systems (though Win Me may be an exception to this; it has the best USB support of the 9X OS's ).

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