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Husqvarna 4D embroidery extra software - cannot save files to USB stick

using Demension 8200 and XP.  Loaded 4D embroidery software which requires saving embroidery designs to a USB stick, which is then plugged into the sewing machine.  System will not recognize USB stick when I try to "save as".  The dongle required by the software works in both USB ports.  I tried 2 USB sticks in both ports.  The 4D software is configured correctly.  Is my computer missing a driver or upgrade or something to recognize the USB stick? 
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First, plug in the USB device and see if it is reconginzed in the Disk Management applet.

  • Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Managment

and that a drive letter has been assigned.  If not, right click the device and assign one.


Second, you could save to a temporary folder and copy the files to the USB drive.

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