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I Can't Find Windows 98

Can someone please tell me where I can buy Windows 98, and if it will support:

2.8GHz with HT

120 SATA Hard Drive

1024 MB DDR400 RAM

6.1 Audigy 2 Platinum

128 MB Video

I am wanting to install 98 on a this computer along with the XP Home that is already on it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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Re: I Can't Find Windows 98


I don't believe Win98SE will have anything to do with hyperthreading, but this shouldn't be an issue.  It should just run like a system without HT, under Win98.  As for finding drivers for all your hardware, that's going to be another story.  You almost certainly won't be able to get them from Dell, and will have to look for them at the manufacturer sites for the individual hardware.

You're also going to have to format the drive completely, and start fresh, as you can't add Win98 after XP is installed - it needs to go on first, to configure a properly functioning dual-boot scenario.


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