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I can't upgrade BIOS - Help !

My BIOS version is A09 on Dell Latitude 5510 laptop.

I tried to install the last version - A16, but first i need to flash on A10. When i download and open A10 the program closed and send message: "E5510A10.exe stopped working" so i can't install new BIOS. If you guys can tell me how to fix this file problem will be nice. 

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RE: I can't upgrade BIOS - Help !

I had this issue in the past as well. What I did was download a tool that allowed me to create a bootable usb (dos). I had the E55A10.exe on the root of the usb stick so I can update the bios from DOS. Worked like a champ.

The tool was call NautilusA41_ZPE.exe. It is on the dell site somewhere.

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