ITUNES and Dell Computers

I was told today by the Apple support people that there is a problem with DEll computers and ITUNES software.   I was and am having problems getting MobilMe to work with any of my many dell computers (XPS ONE, Latitudes D420, D430, D800, etc).

The apple folks tell me that Dell needs to come out with a "firmware update".


Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know when Dell is coming out with a firmware update for any of these computers?


Dave   dbw@pobox.com


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Re: ITUNES and Dell Computers

Inspite of what Apple says I doubt that it is a Dell problem.  Dell comsumer PCs are really very generic, therefore Apple may be blowing smoke.  I have used iTuews on a D820, and a PWS 7400.  I have alway had problems with QuickTime Pro.

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