Icons for Dell Dock 1.0

Anyone know where to find more icons to use with Dell dock. I noted that the program use .png files for the icons.


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Re: Icons for Dell Dock 1.0

I have just discovered that one can download .png icons, place these icons in the Icons folder of the Dell Dock, and they can then be used for adding a new category to the Dell Dock.  In other words, when one chooses to add a new category, the available icons will be shown, including the ones you have added to the Icons folder.  The Dell Dock (on my XPS 630i) at C:\Program Files\Dell\DellDock.  The Icons folder is a subfolder in the DellDock folder. 


After you have created a new category, you can drag any shortcut from the desktop into that new category icon.  I like a clean desktop, so this will help me to keep the desktop clean and keep too much clutter off of the Dell Dock, too. 


All of the icons I have downloaded require one to choose a size, so I checked the size of the icons already in the DellDock Icons folder, and most of them are 256x256.  However, I did see one icon that is 128x128. 


Maybe this will give you some ideas, and you can experiment with the sizes of the icons.  You will be able to find a lot of these icons (free) via a Google search. 


I just got my computer 2 weeks ago, and have just now got around to learning some of the fun things to do.  Smiley Happy  If I learn anything further about the icons, I will post another reply. 



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