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Inspiron 1180 XP re-install IP help

A friend of mine brought in her laptop and had a virus.  I backuped her stuff (programs and all) and reformatted the machine.  I need to find the mac address but in command prompt, after typing in ipconfig/all, this is what I get


An internal error occurred:  The request is not supported.  Please contact Microsoft Product Services...

Additional information: Unable to query host name.


I really have no idea what this means.  What do I need to do?  Thanks!

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Re: Inspiron 1180 XP re-install IP help

Hi Irish2417


From information you provided, could be I have misunderstood?


Quote “and reformatted the machine” implies you initiated & presumably completed XP Clean Install?


Also assume you are using the correct command term ipconfig /all (includes a space) & NOT ipconfig/all as typed in your post?


If using the correct command term  emoticon.Huh?.title

Then Physical adapter MAC Address problem may be due to device drivers reinstall issues

Either incorrect drivers &/or incorrect reinstall order (click here)


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