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Inspiron 530s beeping noise

I recently purchase memory to add to my computer. I attempted to add. After doing, when I closed the compture and restarted. All I got was  a beeping sound. The computer powered on but there was a beeping sound. "Beep beep".

I have since remove the new memory and replaced the old memory. And still beeping. The screen  won't  turn on.

The computer is Dell Inspiron 530s.

 Operating system XP Pro

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Cammie

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Re: Inspiron 530s beeping noise

Check the original memory and make sure it's installed correctly.  If it's OK, reset the CMOS (BIOS) by removing the CR2032 battery on the motherboard for about 10 minutes. 

Memory installation from Dell manual   Click Me 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

Dell's have a history of incompatibility with some brands/types of non-Dell OEM memory.  For this reason we recommend Crucial Memory as it is one brand that is guaranteed to work in Dell's.  HERE is the Crucial listing for the 530S

Observe static electricity protection when handling memory.  At a minimum touch a metal part of the PC chassis before touching the memory modules and ONLY handle them by the edges - never touch either the component or printed circuit sides of the modules.

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Re: Inspiron 530s beeping noise

Thank you Fireberd, for answering my question. As you can see it's been a while since I responded to my post. I tried every suggestion you  posted. Regrettably I did not receive positive results. I am back again to see if there is anything else I should try. I've been told I need to replace my motherboard. I thought if the motherboard was damaged then I should not hear any sounds. I appreciated and further help you or anyone could provide.

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