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Inspiron 6400 keeps booting Media Direct, can't start windows XP


I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop which keeps booting in Media Center i.s.o starting Windows XP.  When pressing the startup button, it is always Media direct that startsup.  I can't get into  Windows XP.  When i choose Exit from MediaDirect, i get a screen with exiting Microsoft Windows and a few seconds later the pc reboots and start Media Direct again.    I can't even turn it off,   the only way to shutdown the pc is by removing the battery!

If i browse in the Media Direct tool i can see all dirs, movies and pictures from the C drive so i assume HDD is still ok.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ?







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Re: Inspiron 6400 keeps booting Media Direct, can't start windows XP

Hi there,

I have the same laptop as you and have just been experiencing the same problem! After a few hours of trying to exit the media direct and trying to get into the boot menu somehow, I gave up and took my lappy to a computer shop.

They found that my media direct button was stuck, and that's why all my laptop would do is keep booting into MD. So check yours to see if it's stuck. The guys at the store managed to unstick it and we got into windows ok. Their advice was that is if it keeps happening, was to have that button removed and/or unistall the MD program.

Now, when I just switched my laptop on, it kept booting again into MD, with a few taps on the MD button, it released itself and I have now uninstalled the program via the control panel.

Hope this helps, it is a software problem and everything else is running fine.


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RE: Inspiron 6400 keeps booting Media Direct, can't start windows XP

okay, so I had the same issue and the thing I tried was that when you get to the black screen prompts, don't hit f1, hit f5 to run the onboard diagnostics and it should start windows right back up properly. it took me some thinking, but that's the only thing that i tried and it worked, so I hope this helped.