Install Windows 7 64 bit OS on Dell Studio 1555


I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop that came preloaded with windows vista 32 bit. I am curious if its possible to install Windows 7 64 bit OS on this machine?

  • Are the drivers (audio, web cam, CD Rom etc) available?
  • Any implications on performance - e.g. overheating etc?
  • Any implications on recovery (just in case)?


Nakul Ringshia

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Re: Install Windows 7 64 bit OS on Dell Studio 1555

Hi Nakul

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Would like to inform that the system has the required hardware configuration that supports win 7 however, we do not have compatible drivers on the support website. You can try installing the driver for vista 32 bit which may work.  

please let me know for further help 

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Prateek K

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Re: Install Windows 7 64 bit OS on Dell Studio 1555

I think all of these models are compatible with Windows 7 64 bit but to be sure run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

With regards to drivers, although Dell do not have a driver set listed on their drivers and downloads page. Their range of drivers is vastly superior on their ftp website you will see they have practically a full driver set listed for WIndows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. I have provided an unofficial set which have got several users going without problems (mostly from the ftp website). You should install in order.


Dell System Software R260746


Intel Chipset R228043

Ricoh Cardreader R227769


Conexant Modem Application CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_J5F69_A01_SETUP_ZPE

Conexant Modem Utility CONEXANT_D400-USB-MODEM_DPP14_A00_SETUP_ZPE


Intel Video R264627 - variant A

AMD Video R227577 - variant B


Broadcom Ethernet R227595

Wireless Card there are a few variants see ftp website.


Dell Bluetooth 370 R226750


Touchpad R242713


Audio R261324


Dell Quickset R264610

Dell Support Centre

Dell Webcam Centre R230103


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