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Installing Windows 7 with RAID 5 Hardware omn DELL T5810

Hello guy as always i need your support...

we have a Dell Precision T5810 Arrived with Three disk(2 TB ) Configured with RAID 5. My Boss asked me to install Windws 7 but i have some Issue.

I'm installing Windows 7 with USB Stick, during the installation i need to install the driver to be able to read the disk. After Loading the drive i found 4 partition

Disk 1 Part 1 ESP 500M

Disk 1 Part 2 DIAGS 40GB

Disk 1 Part 3 OS 2 GB

Disk 1 Part 4 UNALLOCATED SPACE  3700 gb

but is impossibile to install WIndows becasue this error:

Windows cannot be installed to the this. The selected disk is of the GPT Partions.

How can i fix and install Windows? 


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RE: Installing Windows 7 with RAID 5 Hardware omn DELL T5810


You will need to change the BIOS settings to install Windows 7. Below are some links that will help you get Windows 7 installed.

How to Downgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7 Professional

How to enable boot from DVD option with UEFI boot mode enabled. (Windows 8, 8.1 & 10)

How to manually reinstall Windows 7 on a Dell computer?

I am not sure if you are using the Dell USB key to install but, information at the link below.
Dell Direct USB Key - FAQ

Dell Precision Workstation T5810 System Guide