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Installing xp cd file copy errors

Due to unrecoverable Windows errors on my Dell Inspiron 6000 I decided to format hard disk back to single partition and reinstall windows xp sp2. Did not run any diagnostic utilities as I could not get windows started.

During the install I get to around 60% to 65% of files copied and then I get file copy errors on a number of different files. Every time restart the install it fails but usually on a different file each time. If i choose ignore it just gets the same error on the next file after 3 or 4 I terminate as I figure without files windows won't be any good anyway.  I have used this cd about 2 years ago to reinstall windows on the inspiron with no problems then.

The cd is about 5 years old and is clean with no scratches, has always been stored out of the light in cool conditions. About halfway into the middle of the disc it's showing a bit of a circular watermark (for want of a better term) right around the disc surface, under the laminate. It not uniform perfect circle and is sort of wiggly (again for want of a better term!).

Can't even seem to get BIOS up at system start.

Anyone got any ideas on this error? Can I get a replacement CD for xpsp2 (or 3)  from Dell since I paid for it and own the license (or Microsoft for that matter) ?

Thought I would try an install xp on the inspiron 6000 from another older xp cd I have to see if it gets past the 65% to end of file copies. If it does than it would indcate a problem with the xp sp2 media that came with the inspiron when I bought it.





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Re: Installing xp cd file copy errors

If you can't access the BIOS at startup that would indicate a hardware problem in the machine.  Windows is not loaded at that point and thus has nothing to do with not being able to access the BIOS.  Windows is loaded (or at least starts to load) after the POST (Power On Self Test) and the BIOS is accessed and loaded. 

Most Dell's come with hardware diagnostics on the hard drive (or at least was there when you got it).  F12 will access a menu and one option should be diagnostics.  Suggest you run a complete diagnostic before going any further. 

If you are in the US, you can request a replacement set of discs from Dell  HERE

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Re: Installing xp cd file copy errors

Thanks Firebird,

I found the daignostic utilities and ran them.On the first BIOS diag test, error 1000-0123 on memory and then on the Dell Utility code 2f00:0119. The utility test failed on the system memory:MATS  and March A tests - both on 'suspected memory component located on system board at label  DIMM_A'.

That is some replacement memory DIMM 2 1024mb I fitted about 2 years ago, been running fine. Thought I would try and re-seat it to see if it made a difference. Now the computer just won't do anything, when I hit the power button it does not come on. Should have left it alone! It is now doing a good impression of an out of the water boat anchor at the moment  :-) .

So now I have 3 options, buy some new memory and fit it and see if that resolves it OR place a call with Dell and pay exorbitant rates to Dell Inc. to get my system working again, or cut my losses and just buy a new system since this one is very slow these days anyway even when working well.

Anyway thanks for your tips.

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