Installshield Update Manager Error -5

Hi.  Every time I boot in Vista Home Premium Edition,  I get an Installshield Update Manager Error -5 (an error has occurred) message.   Does anyone know what this is and more importantly, what the fix is for it?  Thanks.

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Re: Installshield Update Manager Error -5

Doing a search on the Forum can be very helpful tool (if you use it).
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Re: Installshield Update Manager Error -5

Howdy:  this is what worked for me:
Click start and type in MSCONFIG.  When MSCONFIG shows above click on it and it opens.  Under STARTUP uncheck MACROVISION and click APPLY.  Restart and it should be gone.  If not post again and I will dig out another solution.  I agree, this was very annoying and I had to surf back a few months in Forum to find a fix.
M1210 Laptop upgraded from XP Media to Home Premium 2 weeks ago and I am very weary from all the problems I had.          HPD
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Re: Installshield Update Manager Error -5

If your are still experiencing this startup error then here's the fix

Download the latest version of it from online.


You may already have the Software Manager installed. If the Software Updates or Program Updates shortcut is listed in your Start menu, then the Software Manager is installed. If you do not have the Software Manager installed, follow these instructions to download and install it:

Download and install the Software Manager:

  1. Download the FLEXnet Connect 6.0 SDK (http://saturn.installshield.com/isus/600/windowssdk/flexnetconnectsdk.exe) and save it to your Desktop.
  2. Double click flexnetconnectsdk.exe and follow the instructions to install the SDK which includes the Software Manager. Once installed, you can run the Software Updates shortcut to start the Software Manager.

NoteSmiley Very Happyo not run the software from the download page, just save the file on the desktop and once it is done with download, right click on the file, click on run as administrator and continue with installion.

Hope this will work for you



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Re: Installshield Update Manager Error -5

Nawaz thank you - I followed your instructions exactly and so was successful in removing this annoying message.  I have removed the temp change I applied to my MSCONFIG Macrovision start up as well.
I will be posting a major freeze up and loss of all sound I just experienced while downloading an update to LOGITECH INTEGRATED CAMERA from the DELL website when I get a chance. 
This is why it has taken me a while to respond to your detailed and helpful advice.
XPS M1210 Notebook
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Vista Home Premium 32 bit
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