Keep getting the same update?

 For as number of weeks I keep getting the message that new updates are ready to install. When I click on the icon the messageis for update KB828741. I go ahead and install it , and a few days later I get the same message saying KB828741 is ready to install. 

    However, I didn't reaize the updates I kept receiving were always the same . I have "installed" this same update "successfully" now more times than I can count. When I go to the installation history it says each attempt has been successful.

 Anyone know why I keep getting the same update repeatedly?

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Re: Keep getting the same update?


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Microsoft has released a knowledgebase article concerning windows update files being shown as available when they have already been installed:



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Re: Keep getting the same update?


  When I go to the programs list,it shows that this particular one is installed. Do you know if it is or not? If so, can't I just ignore the notification for this hotfix in the future?

  In case you couldn't guess, I'm very hesitant to try to edit the registry! I'd prefer to just ignore the update notification if that would be okay.

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