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Lack Of Quality Control-Need recovery media for 2 XPS-8900

Yep. Dell Has done it again to their customers that purchased the Windows 7 XPS 8900. I bought 2 new ones for gifts on Christmas and once again Dell just brushed aside that it wasn't their problem. My problem is neither would update Windows 7 even of left on all night. When I made my call to tech support and talked to Phoebe case support #1368400426 she immediately told me to call Microsoft or Intel or I could escalate up to software support where I would be charged a fee. These I might add are brand new out of the box and neither would do a windows update. So Phoebe's answer was not a quality control problem of Dell's installation it was a Microsoft or Intel Problem. She was of no help, as well as Dell was no help. A brand new machine and Dell doesn't do any Quality Control to see they are working properly before shipping them out! So even though Microsoft took care of my issue you can rest assured as soon as Dell ships it they can care less if it is supposed to have been Quality Controlled checked. I called back to get recovery media for Windows 7 and a product key, this time I talked to Mary on 1-25-2017 and gave her the product key for both of my computers and once again I was put on hold and then transferred to Cimran who would not start a case number since she said I didn't have a problem and even after asking her twice to speak to her supervisor she transferred me the second time to order support where I spoke with Nazer who wouldn't help me and then he transferred me back to Tech Dept. spent a total time for just trying to get a service tag number for windows 7 along with recovery media of 2 hours an 6 minutes only for Tech to say they couldn't help me. This is a quality Control issue and I still need my numbers and reinstall media. We all no if the Windows version on the c drive will not work properly then the image file they have created on the hard drive is just as corrupt. I am asking Dell once again for my recovery media on 2 computers along with my windows 7 license keys!

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RE: Lack Of Quality Control-Need recovery media for 2 XPS-8900

Install the following:

Windows 7 Convenience Rollup Perquisite Update:

Then restart. Then install the Windows 7 Convenience Rollup (April 2016): 

Then restart and install the Monthly Security Rollup (Install latest Only each Rollup is cumulative):

This will more or less bring Windows 7 up to date. Afterwards try and search for updates again.

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