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Laptop bought in China retail store, cannot change OS language to English?

Dear Dell Customer service,

I first want to thank you for reading this and for your time. I'm hoping that I can find better customer service here than through your 1800 number so that I can fix my laptop BEFORE I submit my BBB complaint.

My problem: I bought a Dell laptop at a Dell retail store in China because I was there for business and my previous laptop broke. Now I'm back in the States and I need to switch the display language to English but my laptop will not allow me to. I work for a financial institution so I hope you understand how important having a functional computer is to me.

Customer Service Experience: I was on the phone for 2 hours. No one offered help to fix the problem- I kept getting transferred to other lines the entire call. They eventually asked me to transfer the warranty to an American one through the Dell international service. They couldn't transfer it themselves because I don't know the address of that retail store. Also they said they "don't have a manager" when I asked to speak to one. I'm assuming a 62 billion revenue company doesn't hire a supervisor for a 24/7 International service line? Smiley Happy

Anyway, nothing was done for my problem, and I still couldn't switch the language. I couldn't transfer my own laptop under my own name and the international service just told me to wait. I understand that this is business and I understand about the limitation of Dell's customer service nowadays. I hope I can get a good solution from here. I understand if you are not in control of this area, and I can always just submit the BBB complaint; it would be much easier and politer compared to fighting on the phone with customer service.

Have a great weekend. All the Best

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Re: Is filling BBB complaints the only way to fix my brand new laptop? It just needs a minor fix.

Depending on the flavor of Windows you have, you may be stuck with the language of origin. Microsoft sets the limits on the localization of Windows.

For Windows 7, only the Enterprise and Ultimate editions allow you to switch between languages with the Dell COA. In this case, you may have to do an in-place upgrade or get a new copy of Win 7 Enterprise/Ultimate.

It looks like Windows 8 Pro will let you switch between languages.

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