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Latitude E6530 + W8.1 install

Hi,  I'm trying to do a clean install with Windows 8.1 pro on my Latitude E6530. On the Drivers download page, there's a choice between Win8 and Win8.1 drivers. Now there are a lot more drivers on Win8 selection comparing to the Win8.1 section. Do I need to ONLY use the Win8.1 drivers and use windows update to install all the missing devices? Or, if found everything, use just windows update for all the drivers? I discovered that is it possible to install Dell Data Protection Security Tools instead of DDP Access. If I enable bitlocker drive encryption, will DDP Security Tools works regularly?

Thanks and apologize for my bad english!

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RE: Latitude E6530 + W8.1 install

I would suggest using the Dell FTP Website opposed to Drivers and Downloads:


Use Windows 8.1 drivers (denoted as WB64A) where possible, if there is no a Windows 8.1 driver then use the 8.0 driver.

See Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows 8.1 for more details:


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