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Locked out by Sys Admin Password

Got this computer from a friend that got it from a friend etc. anyway the trouble i am having is that I cant get into the admin not even into the cmos to change the boot sequence. I have now hit major trouble cause system tried to update auromatically and basically locked out alot of the programs cause i need to be in the admin to finish the upgrade process. But once again i am locked out of the CMOS by a password that is unknown and lockout of the windows vista by an admin password

Can anyone give solution to get past the CMOS password, i have a program that claims to be able to get past the vista password but i must be able to set the bot sequence to boot CD first>



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Re: Locked out by Sys Admin Password


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

What is your system type? If I am reading this post correctly your system has a bios password and an admin password as well?

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