Locking up on Fox News Home Page

Used to have Fox News as my default, but now when it comes up, my computer locks up and I have to reboot.  Changed my homepage to CNN and works fine, but when I go to the FOX News homepage, it still locks up.  I need my 'fair and balanced news' fix!!!  How do I keep my computer from locking up at Fox News?
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Re: Locking up on Fox News Home Page

Fair & balanced news? Oh my... you must be a Republican, lol..Smiley Very Happy
Just kiddin'...  just trying to bring a smile.  Anyways, I just went to their homepage and it opened fine. And I spent some time there yesterday too and I had no difficulties.
Maybe it could be a restricted cookie... or cookie problem??? That's all I can think of....
Take care.....
"From the Left.."
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