MS Ooutlook 2007 Startup Error (MAPI Unable to load the information service :msncon.dll")

Got a problem here folks.  I've got a Vista 32 bit OS with Office 2007 home and student edition.  Everytime I try to click on an e-mail link while on-line or try to access outlook, I get this message:  "Cannot open your default e-mail folders.  An unexpected error has occured.  MAPI was unable to load the information service msncon.dll.  Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured."   This started after I had uninstalled outlook in the belief my system could then directly access my ISP's e-mail.  Oops.

Now how do I go about fixing the damage I caused?  Anyone?

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Re: MS Ooutlook 2007 Startup Error (MAPI Unable to load the information service :msncon.dll")

Outlook is not part of Home and Student editions of Office (I had been looking at Office to upgrade my Office 2003 but haven't because the less expensive Home and Student Editions do not have Outlook).  If you have MS Outlook either it was installed separately or you have a different version of MS Office.  Vista did not come with Outlook Express either.

If you are (or were) actually using Windows Mail, which came with Vista, then it needs to be installed however Windows Mail has been replaced by the free and better Windows Live Mail that can be downloaded from Microsoft.

If this is something that was recently done (in the last week or so) the System Restore function MAY be able to restore Outlook.  System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.  Select a restore date that is BEFORE you did whatever you did.

It System Restore won't help and in fact you had Outlook 2007, the first thing to do is reinstall it from the Office install disc.

Until you get an e-mail program reinstalled and the account setup so you can access your ISP's e-mail server, most ISP's also have an on-line mail access that you can access with Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you are using).  You can use that to access mail until you get the problem resolved.


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