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MSOffice 2013 Activation key

I bought my dell laptop 21 months ago and after a bad windows 10 experience have to restore to original condition wiping out all data and programs. I cannot find the activation key for the preinstalled office 13. Help?

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RE: MSOffice 2013 Activation key

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At the time of the system purchase you would have revived an MPI card which will contain the key.Else if you have created a Microsoft Account  ,you should be able to download it from the Microsoft website if you have link you Microsoft account.

If you dont have the MPI card then you will have to contact Microsoft .



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RE: MSOffice 2013 Activation key

The key is on a Microsoft Product Identifier Card.

If you lost this there isn't any getting it back you have to buy a new key.  They havent shipped or sold disks for years.  If you have your MPI key card you can download the Office software and reinstall directly from microsoft.

As of May 1, 2013 there will no longer be an MPI card for Office 2010. If you purchase a new system after that date, you will be receiving an MPI card for Office 2013. This card is NOT backward-compatible with Office 2010 and only works for Office 2013.






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