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Mayday...... Mamma Down

So my 12 year old was messing around on computer, and set up some sort of login for Microsoft, and doesn't seem to remember the password!!  Needless to say the login prompt is as soon as I power on. Microsoft want to charge 70$to help me get into this account, unfortunately I can't do that right now. It displays the email he set up at @someone. Com. Can't just factor reset this thing and move forward??? Every time I try to press F11 it's saying floppy diskette seek failure???????

Can anybody talk me through this process? Pretty please?

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RE: Mayday...... Mamma Down

Hello!  It really depends on what computer you have and what operating system you have.  It sounds like Windows 8.x but in terms of computer I would think its much older since it has a floppy drive?  Let us know. 

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