Missing Entry: RUNDLLEntry

Hi everyone.  I'm new to the forum and I have some computer issues.  During startup I always get the same message.  I tried to update my drivers but I'm not sure what happened.  I'm not tech savvy so please excuse me.  I would appreciate if someone can assist me with my problem.  Whenever I turn on my laptop I always get the same message.

Error in C:\Windows\System32\Spoil\Drivers\W32x86\3\DLCCtime.dll

Please tell me what should I do now.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Missing Entry: RUNDLLEntry

Here is some info on the file

Purpose of this file:
DLCCtime.DLL is a program that may have been installed on your computer when you purchased it. The exact disk location where it should be stored on your computer is also shown below to verfiy it is not spyware, as many spyware programs use similiar names and just locate them elsewhere on your hard drive. Always check the proper disk location of your programs if you are concerned that they may be spyware or virus related software. This dlcctime.dll program is from Dell Computers, and it is a driver program for their Dell Printers. This will appear in your system startup, but if you don't have a Dell printer then you don't need this software running.This file is considered safe and is not virus or spyware related.

If you have a Dell printer I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for it.

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