My task bar at the bottom of the screen is gone.

I have a dell Dimention B110 with windows XP Home. My computer has run fine for 3 years but yesterday when I started it I now have no task bar at the bottom at all. No start button tool bar clock anything??? Its all gone?? I got a new monitor at Christmas that is the only physical change to the system. My wife said it had the little icon that said "updating please dont turn off" when she shut it down last night. Has anyone ever seen this problem? I have no start button so I can even go to restore thru programs/ accessories..??


Please Help! [:'(]


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Re: My task bar at the bottom of the screen is gone.

Couple easy things to try:

Drag your mouse cursor all the way to the bottom of the screen.  If/when it turns into an up/down arrow, click and hold, then try pulling the taskbar back up.

If you do want to try system restore, the Windows flag key does the same thing as the Start button (it's usually between CTRL and ALT on the bottom left of the keyboard).   EDIT:  Pressing CTRL and ESC keys at the same time also opens the start menu if you don't have the flag key.



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