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NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error. Diagnostic: 2 and 4 are active which means graphics issue.

One.  I put in a new CR2032 CMOS battery.

Optiplex 330: has motherboard integrated VGA and

motherboard has PCI-E X16 slot.  I insert PCI-E X16 new graphics card onto 330's motherboard.

Power supply is 600 watt, graphics card wants 300 watts, power ok.

Format 1TB hard drive and start fresh, new install of Windows 7 64-bit.

I install Windows up till SP1 and another 215 official Windows updates.

All this time the monitor is 100% and is inserted into the X16 graphics card.

Then, after hours of working, I get the blue screen with the error message

NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error and upon rebooting

Only 2 and 4 light up on the front panel.

I remove the PCI-E X16 graphics card, allowing the system to default to the VGA attached to the motherboard,

Still the exact error message with 2 and 4 active.

No ways is there memory problems with the motherboard's VGA since it only shares RAM, no "personal"

memory.  If RAM cards were faulty, problems would have occurred earlier.

Ok, I can remove the hard drive, reformat and reinsert and try again with the new battery in place from the start.

ISSUE: Optiplex 330 is only provided Dell drivers until Windows XP.  No official, tested Windows 7 drivers - that is the web page within Dell for Optiplex 330.  


The advantage is use official Dell drivers allocated to my servive tag.

Whatever Operating Sytem I decide on, I install the official NVIDIA driver quickly, not allowing any Windows

automatic selection of graphics driver since I read that many with this specific error fixed it with drivers.

Is Windows 7 actually Ok with my fault being not quickly overriding Windows 7's graphics driver with the exact, official NVIDIA card's driver?????

Second fault was installing Windows 7 with a 2 volt (dead) battery.  Funny enough the dead battery appeared to

not give problems.......   Perhaps it retaliated!!!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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