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Need New Copy of Desktop System Software?

I recently re-installed my Windows XP OS on my Inspiron 530S, and it appears to me that the drivers from the Dell Resource CD weren't installed properly, probably due to the CD being defective in some way.  I religiously followed all the procedures listed, so that isn't the problem.  By "defective", I don't mean that it is physically damaged in some way (scratched, etc.), I mean that the drivers aren't interacting with computer the way they're supposed to.  In this particular case, the USB ports no longer work properly:  they work fine with my keyboard, mouse, etc. but not with my MP3 player, printer, etc.

The two most likely culprits seem to be the Desktop System Software and the chipset drivers.  There is a copy of the chipset drivers on Dell's Downloads & Drivers page.  It has the same R number (R158363) as the chipset drivers on my Dell Resource CD, but I thought that the installation program for the drivers on the CD might be damaged in some way, so I downloaded the chipset drivers and tried that version during one of the re-installations of the OS; it made no difference.

I would like to try a version of the Desktop System Software that is different than what is on my CD but I can't find it on Dell's website.  Can anyone direct me as to how I can find it?  It has the following number, R160758.  Is it possible that Dell put the wrong Desktop System Software on my CD, that what I should be using has a different R number?  Help!

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Re: Need New Copy of Desktop System Software?

If the 530S came with Windows XP, the Dell recovery partition, accessed by CTRL/F11 at power on will restore the PC to the original factory condition and no discs are needed.  This is the preferred, and easiest, method for reinstalling.

There is no DSS software listed on the downlolads, but I don't think that is the problem.   

When you do a reinstall, peripherals such as printers must be physically disconnected and a complete new install run to reinstall it, which means running the printer vendor's install program and ONLY physically connecting the printer when the install program tells you.  If that was not done, it could be the reason the printer does not work.   Many MP3 players have a driver and it too must be installed first before physically connecting the device.

There are two different Chipset drivers listed, depending on which version of the 530S that you have (an early model or a later model) and the correct chipset drivers could be an issue. 

The correct install sequence - after a hard drive (C partition) reformat -  (1) Install Windows (2) Install Dell Desktop System Software (3) Install Chipset Drivers (4) Install Device drivers including video, sound, ethernet, etc, and if that was followed the reinstall should have been successful.  However, I have seen failures and another, correct sequence, install may be required.  It's not common but at times a second install if all did not go well.


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