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Need OEM Win 7 Ultimate Disk

I have installed a new harddisk on my 2010 Studio 1558 laptop. How do I get an OEM disk for the installation in India?

I spoke to customer care, and the response is :" since the product is no longer supported we cannot help". I even requested if the disk could be bought for a nominal price, and the response is no.

I am not sure why an oem disk cannot be provided to a customer after verifying his genuineness. Any Idea if this disc can be procured from any other source ?

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RE: Need OEM Win 7 Ultimate Disk

You can download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO image from the following locations. Once downloaded, burn it to a DVD and install using the product key found in the certificate of authneticity (COA) label present inside the battery bay (you can see the label once you remove the battery).

x86/32-bit with SP1:


x64/64-bit with SP1:


Balaji Kundalam


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RE: Need OEM Win 7 Ultimate Disk

See here for additional instructions including applying the Dell OEM System Locked Preinstallation mechanism:


See A Clean Install of Windows 7 for installation instructions:


Dr Philip Yip
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Windows FAQs and OEM Downloads

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Re: Need OEM Win 7 Ultimate Disk

Do you want Win 7 Ultimate download. I find Win 7 Ultimate iso for pc download url: https://getpczone.com/software/windows-7-ultimate-iso-download-32-64bit and pdf file http://mypdfbooks.net/the-happiness-project
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