New OS for old Vostro 1400

I want to put Windows 10 on my Vostro 1400, after I replace the hard drive I see Windows 10 disc on Amazon for $around $60. Is that a good idea? I also see XP Pro (Is that obsolete) for around $10. Everything I need seems to work with my current Vista OS, but the hardrive is bad so I wouldn’t mind a little upgrade, without spending much. It’s an old computer.





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RE: New OS for old Vostro 1400


Thank you for writing to us!

Firstly this system is no tested with windows 10, we would not suggest you to force upgrade the system as you will not have the appropriate drivers for the same which will give you more issues.

We would suggest you to the install the same Operating system as it has been working fine with the system configuration.

Kindly Private message the service tag and email address.



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RE: New OS for old Vostro 1400

Windows 8 is better

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RE: New OS for old Vostro 1400

Windows Vista reaches End of Life in April... Windows XP reached End of Life over 2 years ago... What you can do is download a Windows 10 .iso, make a Bootable USB on it and install without a key. This will give you a trial. If your satisfied with the way it runs then you can purchase the license.

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