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New laptop ; transfer my files to it; easy transfer ;

What are problems to transfer my files from 4 year old 702X laptop to similar running windows 7 (bought through yourselves. EASY TRANSFER quoted within your software. Will someone send me an appropriate EMAIL reply with specification of new machine, price etc. How easy is it to connect  to broadband (as currently)

Still not convinced that I buy new dell. Possibly extend software for another year? hardware 4 year old!

I am considering what to do.

How long will windows 7 be supported?

prefer email to telephone support at present



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RE: New laptop ; transfer my files to it; easy transfer ;


Thank you for writing to us!

In this case we would suggest you to go online to the Dell website and configure the system at  your cost .

In terms of how long windows 7 will be support ? You will get support as long as the system is under warranty .

If the system is not under warranty you will still get support however it will be paid.



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