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No OS disk but have key. New hard drive.

I just ordered a new hard drive for my Inspiron m5040 since the one i had stopped working.

I have the drivers and utilities disk but no OS disk. Where can i download or get one?

I have the product key for it. Windows 7. What are the steps to setting up a new hard drive? 

No warranty left on my service tag... 

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RE: No OS disk but have key. New hard drive.

Hi Joseph

YOu can raplace any component of the computer except the motherboard without any problem with activation of an OEM Key.

OEM Keys are locked to the first motherboard on which they are activated. The ONLY time they can be transferred to another motherboard is when it is replaced under warranty conditions.

Since you mentioned you don't have a disk but have the licence then i suggest you to follow this link where this query has been resolved.


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Mary G
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RE: No OS disk but have key. New hard drive.

MS has removed windows 7 downloads in that old link since Windows 7 is no longer supported. Buying or borrowing a dell win 7 (same version) installation disk is the only option. Use your own key to activate if asked. 

Another option is to buy & install windows 10 that will be available July 29th for $119 if the computer is compatible. The free preview version could be used until then. Available here--


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