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Not able to boot

Hi Team,

I am using a Dell inspiron 13 7000 series laptop(can't tell the service tag and serial number, Sorry). From couple of weeks I have started facing issues with my machine. First, it was slow and would take me minutes to even navigate through folders. I assumed that might be some issue with the OS so I backuped up all my files and try to perform a factory resotre from setting option while bootup.

I did a clean swipe which reinstalled windows. Once it was completed I was able to use my laptop for about half a day and then I ran into UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error. I tied using the Automatic Repair option provided while booting, it helped once and I was able to login again. But just after about an hour I again faced the same error.

Now I am not able to  perform the Automatic Repair as well as reinstall windows as do not have bootable windows installation drive.

Would highlt appreciate a quick response form your side.


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RE: Not able to boot

Use another computer to download a Windows 10 RS2 .iso from Microsoft and make aBootable USB flash drive:


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