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So my motherbord died and a got a replacement but my windows 7 home premium is OEM locked. I read that they will let you change the motherboard if your old one died like mine. So I was using a a friend's computer to set up a boot disc and it won't let you download the ISO with out a valad product key and it wont accept mine because its OEM so does anyone know a leget way to download the windows 7 iso files without a product key? I saw some stuff but it looked shady.
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If what you've done is install a non-Dell mainboard, you will need a new Windows license for it - even if you get a copy of Windows, the OEM license key won't activate it.  When you call Microsoft, you'll be told you need a new license (and MS isn't selling Windows 7 licenses any longer, as the OS goes end of life in just about a year and a half from now).


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Microsoft pulled the Digital River ISO downloads for 7 and 8 and 8.1.

There is nowhere to do this now.  Only 10 is available.

There is no such thing as OEM LOCKED.

OEM keys work with the SLP in bios or System Builder DVD's and a LEGIT COA that isn't pirated and copied and sold 1 million times.

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In order for OEM System Locked Preinstallation (SLP) to work your new motherboard will need to be a Dell motherboard with a System License Internal Code of 2.1 embedded in it's BIOS. A generic (non-Dell) motherboard will not have the SLIC 2.1 and be ineligible for OEM SLP.

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