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OS installation - " Just a moment..." Looping for hours

So, I bought a Dell XPS 15 9550. When I switch it on, the Dell logo comes first and then, a blue screen with "Just a moment..." Written in the centre and above it a few doing going in circles. The OS is Windows 10, ssd drive.

It's been going on for hours, like 8 hours or so, and have also tried restarting it and  disabling the network adapters in  BIOS. Also there is no screen with an option to create an a local account or MS account. Please help. I was very excited to buy it, but it's been almost a day where I've been staring at the "Just a moment..." Screen. Thanks in advance.

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RE: OS installation - " Just a moment..." Looping for hours


Thank you for writing to us!

We would suggest you to try and restore the operating system to factory defaults from advanced boot options if that doesnt work then the only other option is clean installation.

kindly let us know if this helps.



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