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Obtaining Backup disks - Software Restore CD (SRCD)


      Here I go again, I just tried to put something up here and then all of a sudden I got an e-mail warning and it was gone! So I'll try again. Hopefully someone out there can help me with my concern?

      I bought two E520 systems last year which are running with XP home. The machines have been working ok but I'm now starting to get concerned that I should have some backups of them in case I get a disk crash at some time. I believe a backup exists of the operating systems in two hidden partitions on the drive and I can see them listed as 'Healthy' one being about 50Mb and the other just over 2Gb I think. So I should be able to rebuild my machine hopefully if I need to using Ctrl+F11 I believe. That's OK at one level but what happens if I get a total disk crash and it is unreadable?

      Looking around on the web I believe it should be possible to request one copy of the SRCD disks from DELL for each machine. Is this true and if so how do I go about it? The Dell (UK) site just comes up with a '500 - server processing error' and I've tried to contact them twice by e-mail but without reply. The USA support site replied to me very promptly and told me my machine tag says the machine was bought in Austria so I should go back to them. They actually came from Ireland but just won't acknowledge me for some reason.

      So can anyone please help me sort out the correct procedure to get hold of some suitable SRCDs? I sort of expected that I would be able to create my own from the software supplied with the machine but I can't see how I can. The machine doesn't even have NTbackup.exe on it and I don't know how to make bootable CDs/DVDs for it either! I am finding this a little frustrating because I could end up with no OS and no XP licences if I get a disk crash. This seems a little ridiculous because I've paid for the software but I could end up having to pay for it all over again if the hard drive goes faulty and I can't read it.

      I assume other people must have had or are currently experiencing similar issues with their machines and I am therefore hoping someone has found out how to get round this problem (either making their own backup disks or know how to get copies from DELL).

      I would appreciate it if someone could help me get this issue resolved, before rather than after, I have any disk failures!

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not a business and no the device wasnt purchased using a business account. I'm a retail customer. Therefor usually companies provide a factory restore disk to rebuild the machine to a factory build.  The mini is also unable to store a factory rebuild on the hard disk as this is considered to small, disks are the only option, unless they start provideding a restore build on 1st startup.

As the other poster suggested why dont they warn you prior to booting for the 1st time, and this would allow the user to make an image before 1st startup.  Most users would do this as they do generally like having backups of thier machines as facroty installs.

Even Sony has provided either the disk image on the machine or a hard disk image on CD/DVD.

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Larry- I have a question.


My daughter got a nasty virus from the internet...and I cannot do anything on the dimension (I am using our Dell laptop now). Ideally, I'd like to wipe the hard drive clean (Fdisk, format, then reinstall using the discs that I didn't get with the system but want to ask for).

Will using the system restore image on the hard drive get rid of my root kit virus...or should I request the discs from Dell?


Any help would be awesome!



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Your question can be answered better in the DELL Malware Removal Forum





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What if i am not the original owner of the computer? Should i give them MY information? Would they send me a new OS Disk?

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You first change ownership to your own information by accessing the ownership transfer form from the Dell computer originally owned by someone else.

Then call or chat and ask for an OS disk.

They don't send out SRCD's any more unless there's a reason covered by technical warranty.  I know, I bought a Mini-9 just before they phased it out, and promptly called and asked for SRCD's.  They said that as of the beginning of the year these are no longer sent out simply upon request.

Depending on the warranty status and type of computer, you may at least get the OS CD.  If the computer is still under warranty, and it is less than a year old, you may also get the driver CDs and perhaps even some of the pre-installed software.

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