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Old Dell/ Win98SE ReInstall??


Still helping the elderly neighbor. Thought we ought to reinstall

Win98SE on her old DELL L667r. Got out the install floppy and

booted; got out the original Windoz 98SE disc FROM DELL and

started to install. It asked for the licence code (on a DELL???).


So we got out the booklet that came with the PC and entered

the license code therein contained.


Any you guessed it.


"The licence you entered is invalid!"




So being a good corporate citizen I installed

from an old bootleg Win98SE disc jes' fine.


Question is .. howcum M'soft and DELL did this to an old lady??


Why won't the printed code work??


(I really DO hate corporate america!!)




So I can leave the current op sys in place, but I would really

like to reinstall the Win98SE that came with the machine.

But ... how do I do that???  Where can I get a license

code that will work??



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Re: Old Dell/ Win98SE ReInstall??

Since Windows 9x had/has no validation or activation requirements all that is required is that the code match the (type of) disc. IOW there is no method for Microsoft to deactivate a code after the fact as there is with XP/Vista.


You either have the wrong disc the wrong code or you entered the code incorrectly. 0 insted of o, B instead of 8 etc.


Personally since she has a legit right to the OS on that machine and you've installed a working copy I wouldn't give it any further concern. 9x doesn't phone home to check authenticity.

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Re: Old Dell/ Win98SE ReInstall??

You may want to double check to see if one was win98 and the other win98se.

98 did require the book key or if a machine had a label.

I recently came across an old hard drive never used with the new pc win98se install on it, it too wanted a key 

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