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OpenGl 3.3 not present after Windows 7 reinstall.

I'm the owner of a Dell Inspiron Zino HD 400. I don't know if I'm asking this question in the right place, (I'm new here and all) but I'd really appreciate some help. I recently did a complete repair install of windows 7 over my old windows 7, to fix the issues I was having. For the most part this worked, but now I have to find updated drivers and I'm having a bad time doing so. The games I have installed USED to work before the reinstall, but now they're telling me that OpenGl 3 is not present, and asking if my GPU can handle OpenGL. I've looked all over trying to find drivers to fix this error, but I can't find any. I even looked through the drivers on dell's website in an attempt to find a driver for this. Can somebody help me out? Link me to a driver that has OpenGl 3? I'm not the best with tech and I just want to run my games.

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