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Optiplex 745, install Windows 7

Hello, I have being busy installing windoes 7 on serveral Optiplex 745 computers. I can't complete the install because Windows 7 refuses to get updates from Microsoft. What am i doing wrong . regards, Cees

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Re: Install Windows 7

I would guess the Network card is not installed.
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Mary G
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Re: Install Windows 7

There are no Dell drivers for windows 7 on this 12 yr old XP model. Also no drivers for win 8 or win 10. Also MS has ended most support for Windows 7. Read this--


Time to buy new computers.

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Re: Install Windows 7

Does this help with regards to drivers ?



There is also a separate problem where Windows Update may not work at all after you have completed a basic install of Windows 7.

Here are my old notes.


for new win7 sp1 installs. updates fix


Anyone looking to install a fresh copy of Windows 7SP1, it no longer works 'out of the box'
you need to manually download and install KB3102810 (An Update to Windows Update), otherwise
it will endlessly check for updates.

There are two newer versions of this update, (Feb2016) KB3135445, and (March2016) KB3138612,
but these seem to break image restores of Windows 7SP1, i.e. restores from Paragon HDM 2015
or Acronis. The restored image of Windows 7SP1 works, but Windows Update won't - it will
endlessly search for updates/fail to find updates quickly. KB3102810 is still working at
this time. Feedback on your experience would be useful on this.


For 32 bit Windows 7, I recall I have to install this patch to fix Windows 7 Updates


Last time I had to reinstall Windows 7 before Xmas on a 2008 Vostro 200 with hard drive, it took 3.5 hours to download (fibre connection) and install the updates !    (Windows 10 installed in about an hour with all updates on same hardware)







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Re: Install Windows 7

Something should work there.  The older Optiplex's refuse to be put in a museum and they keep working.  The 745's are still being sold as refurbished on Walmart.com and refurb & used on eBay with either Win10 or 7.

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