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PC Restore hangs up

I have an inspiron 9400 laptop and had some issues so I wanted to restore it back to it's original state. I followed all of the prompts, clicked "Finish" and waited for the magic to happen. When it rebooted a dos screen shows the blue line at the top then

PBR1 ...done

Loading DRMK Version 8.00...

This is where it hangs. The power lignt and HDD light are on and the keyboard is still active (can turn numlock and caps lock on and off, ctrl, alt, del works) but can't go any further. Is there a way to restart the PC Restore process or am I just out of luck?

Thanks in advance for any help you can supply.

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Mary G
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Re: PC Restore hangs up

Your computer is probably too old to use factory settings. Correcting the "issues" might be better or reinstalling windows. PC Restore is useful during the first few months but too much time has passed with many updates and programs added. You should say what OS you have. Boot to your windows disk and try a Repair. Directions for reinstalling Windows and all the solutions available are HERE.

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Re: PC Restore hangs up

There is a lot of info on the web concerning problems with DRMK during a re-install. See this LINK for some ideas. Search the WEB for more.

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Re: PC Restore hangs up

I believe that the best place to begin is here:  http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/index.htm.  This is a very detailed description of the PC Restore process.

The short description of what you have experienced is as follows:

1.  You have triggered PC Restore and it has restored your C: drive.

2.  Once PC Restore is complete, it changes the active partition to partition 1 and attempts to boot DRMK.  This is a routine that takes you through the Dell registration process, just as you did upon receiving the computer from Dell.

3.  DRMK attempts to boot; you can tell this from the message you are getting.  Unfortunately, something has corrupted DRMK so it cannot finish booting, leaving you stuck with your hard drive set to boot from the first partition.

It is possible to make your computer bootable by changing the active partition from the first partition to the second partition, which is your NTFS partition containing Windows XP.  To do this you need to learn how to use a partition table editor, and the link I gave you above contains the necessary information to do this.  Given the amount of info you will need to absorb you may find that following Mary's recommendation is the most expedient path to fixing your problem. 

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