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Anybody encountered posts with a "PGP SIGNATURE", like those from member Revelancefound, here for example ?


S/he claims this is the way s/he can tell if somebody changes their post without permission. The signature is several long lines of seeminlgy random text at the bottom of each post. I personally find them extremely annoying and asked Revelancefound about them in a PM. The response I got was, how shall I say without violating TOS, less than satisfactory.


Does DCF have a policy about this? If not, DCF should look into the issue.


Update: I just noticed that ty_ger also question this user about the signatures in one thread, and got some attitude.



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While it may clutter up their posts, it is not, as far as I am aware, against the TOS for DCF.


As for showing whether someone changed the post, it would only do that if (s)he recreated the hash and checked to see if it matched.  More work than it is worth in my opinion.  For signing an email so the receiver knows it wasn't compromised is something else, and what the PGP/GPG signatures were (at least initially) for (private key to create the hash (techno-garble) and a corresponding public key so the recipient can verify the sender and that it hasn't been changed since the hash was created).

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